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Is there a place for Telemarketing in todays marketplace?

01 May 2019

Is there a place for Telemarketing in today’s marketplace?

Like most businesses today you probably rely heavily on online marketing to attract, win and retain new customers.

To encourage new customers to “reach-in” to your business, you’ll have a website, which presents your products, services and unique selling points. You’ll also ...

Achieving sales targets...and more.

29 April 2019

If you are responsible for the generation of new business, you'll appreciate that the New Year is often all about ringing the changes to achieve the best possible start and to get ahead of sales targets. Indeed, there is rarely a better time to launch a new marketing and sales campaign.

We all know that sales people are expensive, especially if they are missing their targets. 

But ...

Facilities Management Case Study

29 April 2019



PDT's client is a facilities management company who are one of the largest and most successful building engineering service companies in the UK. They operate as both manager and provider of a full range of facilities services for example:

  • Facilities Management
  • Risk Management
  • Legislative and Statutory ...

Telemarketing - how to get it right!

18 April 2019

Sometimes the perception is that telemarketing fails to deliver the expected returns and, therefore, has a limited role to play in marketing strategy. This usually stems from an out-dated view of what telemarketing really involves.

The reality is that many businesses reap substantial returns and that’s why they continue with their ...

Are you losing too many customers?

05 March 2019

Sometimes a customer will just up and leave your business, they’ll stop interacting with you and buying from you. And this is sad. But what’s the number one reason why people choose to leave one business in favour of another?

You might think it’s a massive customer service failure or they hate the product, but no! Actually, 65% of customers report that they leave one ...

Could you do with a greater return from your email campaigns?

01 February 2019

Email campaigns are very effective at putting your offer of a service or product in front of potential customers.

If you target the right audience, i.e. the people who are likely to need your products or services, email recipients are likely to engage by reading your information and clicking-through to your website, a blog or an article to find out more.

The problem is, if they ...

Catering Case Study

02 December 2018


PDT's client is a FTSE 250 company who work with a wide range of customers over a wide variety of business areas both in the public and private sectors. They operate as both manager and provider of a full range of services for example:

  • Food Service Management

  • Staff ...

How to get more from Lifecycle Marketing and Selling

19 November 2018

Are you getting the right return on your sales and marketing spend?

It’s a cruel reality that for many businesses the sales and marketing lifecycle is broken. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why so many new businesses fail before they reach their third year. 

If you are a business owner, or you are responsible for sales and marketing, you ...

Packaging Case Study

12 November 2018


PDT's client was a well known packaging group who could offer a one stop shop solution in the packaging ...

Water Treatment Case Study

28 October 2018


PDT's client is an experienced provider of Water Treatment and Air Hygiene services throughout the UK.

Meeting the sales and marketing challenge

25 September 2018

It goes without saying that constantly attracting and winning new customers is critical to the success of any business and always has been.

However, the way businesses do this has fundamentally changed over the past 15 years, in order to take advantage of cheaper routes to market and to align with the way we all increasingly communicate and live our lives online.

During ...

Could your sales people do with a bit more support?

23 August 2018

We all know that sales people can be expensive for any business, especially if they aren’t bringing the right number or type of sales into a business. But, the truth is, you are more likely to unleash the full potential of your sales people through two key steps.

Step One: provide your sales people with more “leads” to maximise their time in front of customers.

You’ll ...

HVAC Case Study

30 July 2018


PDT's client is a heating,ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) company with 20 years experience in ...