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Direct Mail

While we live in a digital age, with response rates up to 30 times greater than email, direct mail, used as part of a blended approach to marketing, gives a business the ability to rapidly expand market share and deliver a greater return on marketing investment.

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Why direct mail?

It's been estimated that marketing campaigns incorporating direct mailing are 3 times as effective as campaigns without mail. This is probably due to the high volume of emails we receive these days, meaning direct mailings tend to be more memorable.

Why PDT direct mailings?

We can help you build the perfect direct mail campaign that encourages prospective and existing customers to reach into your business and provides you with a stream of new business opportunities.

We do this by:

  • helping you to identify the target audience - either new and existing customers, or both
  • creating attractive, attention grabbing, personalised and compelling direct mailings
  • collating and cleansing the mailing list, to ensure the mailings land in front of real decision makers
  • fulfilling the mailing, from printing through to posting
  • providing live call handling - to answer the enquiries resulting from the direct mailing campaign.

Doing all this takes the weight of mailing off your shoulders, leaving you time to concentrate on other core activities vital to your success and to the success of your business.

Better still we will integrate your direct mailing campaigns with other forms of marketing you undertake, to ensure you have a blended, more effective and profitable approach to attracting new customers.

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What makes our direct mailing campaigns different?

Along with our ability to handle enquiries from direct mailings, it's our ability to proactively follow-up your mailing campaigns and to integrate a mailing campaign into the entire marketing strategy, that makes us different!

With our expertise, we can allocate our professional, well-trained relationship builders to follow-up your mailing with a telephone call. They will build relationships with mail recipients, explore their current arrangements and future needs, stimulate interest in your products and services and, where appropriate, arrange meetings or take orders on your behalf.

We can help with Telemarketing

Furthermore, we make sure your mailing campaigns reflect and dovetail with other key marketing messages you send out, through your website and social media, for example. We do this in the design of your mailings, but we can also update and refresh your website and social media marketing to integrate messages and create specific landing pages for your website, to process free-trials or special deals communicated in mailings. 

It's this blended marketing approach, that sets us apart from the rest of the pack and enables us to provide our clients with "high-quality", "high-value" leads and appointments from their mailing campaigns and a real return on investment.

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