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Mystery shopping

Mystery shopping will help you understand what is happening when customers make contact with your organisation. The insight will help you deliver outstanding customer service and retain more customers.

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Why PDT mystery shopping?

Our mystery shopping is designed to provide our clients with the insight they need to improve their business, services or products.

One of our secret shoppers will pose as a customer and visit or call a client's location and will be assigned a specific task, which may include questions to ask, complaints to voice, purchases to make and certain business aspects to note

We take the time to create a unique mystery shopping programme based on realistic and common customer scenarios for each client and their specific service offering. Each mystery shop is underpinned by:

  • Communication: A customer experience report for each mystery shop conducted, which contains both qualitative and quantitative feedback to enable first line managers and frontline teams to understand the experience of their customers, the impact of their actions and to identify best practices and key customer-facing behaviours, along with potential training needs.
  • Insight & Analysis: an Insight and Analysis Report for the overall programme, which outlines the findings and conclusions and details recommendations on how performance can be improved (e.g. relating to communication, processes, infrastructure, training and support), so that decision makers can make informed decisions on how to position their organisation to meet the challenges of today and the future.
  • Implementation: our communication and training teams work closely with clients to communicate the results and advice to frontline teams on how to refine their customer interactions, and to develop and deliver strategic performance solutions focused on making the necessary improvements to the customer experience.

What makes our mystery shopping different?

Our mystery shoppers are well briefed and have considerable experience when it comes to services provision, indeed, many are customer service trainers. They have the experience to detects what may need improving, but also can help to recognise high-quality service where it is delivered.

So we'll promote improvement when needed and recognition when deserved.

To add power to the insight provided by mystery shopping and to ensure a balanced view, many of our customers run one of our other customer insight programmes, such as a customer satisfaction surveys, alongside it.

The clear view this provides of the customer experience, helps our clients to recognise and reward great performance and  make the improvements needed to consistently deliver outstanding customer service.

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