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Sales recruitment

Do you ever get frustrated with the often costly cycle of hiring, developing and then losing key sales people?  'Graduates Into Sales' is an innovative concept from PDT that could be the answer to your sales recruitment and retention!

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Why sales recruitment?

We have long been dedicated to helping our clients grow their business by generating leads or new business opportunites through inbound and outbound marketing...but the story does not stop there! To guarantee a return on the marketing spend, it's essential that these new business opportunities are matured and converted into new sales.

To this end, attracting, developing and then retaining quality sales people and sales managers, is absolutely key for our clients.

How can PDT help?

Our selling skills training programmes can help you develop your existing sales people , but we can also find you new and highly-talented sales people.

For example, our 'Graduates into Sales' programme, identifies, selects and then trains only the very best graduates, those who possess the appropriate attributes to achieve enduring success in a top sales position within your organisation.

We also have a network of very experienced sales people to draw upon. These are sales people and sales managers we have worked with in the past, with a proven track record in their sector of choice.

We place our sales recruits into a variety of sales related roles with companies, and then provide them all with the ongoing support they need to succeed.

What makes our sales recruitment different?

We constantly strive to provide the best possible recruits for our clients and we put a tremendous amount of effort, before placement, into developing additional skills and the sales behaviours that will accelerate their careers. This is achieved through the expertise of our own Sales Academy, which provides all candidates with additional sales training before they are placed and then ongoing development and support thereafter.


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