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Social Media Management

Social Media Management ensures that your online presence is active, value adding and right for your brand or business.

Whether you have a product or service, it has been proven that 81% of people research online before making a purchasing decision.

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Do you have the time to manage your social media?

Social media management can be a full-time job, and this is why many companies struggle to keep up with an active online presence.

Regular, daily activities on the following will support your online presence:

  • Creating a content plan
  • Relevant, interesting and regular posts to social media platforms.
  • Engaging with your followers
  • Responding to messages via e-mail and social media platforms
  • Responding to comments in a timely fashion
  • Organising and hosting online conferences and webinars
  • Linking up with key influencers
  • Reviewing posts and activities to see what works best to deliver your online goals                                                    

With an individual account manager entrusted to monitor, contribute, control, filter, and measure your campaigns, we can support your Social Media requirements.

We will provide feedback and action based reports to demonstrate a return on investment.


Alternatively, if you would like to manage your own social media but you find using it a bit daunting, then we can provide training.

We are happy to visit your premises and spend some time explaining how it all works. We can help you identify your audience, how best to use social media and how best to engage with your customers. 

We are happy explaining social media on a one to one basis; or to a room full of people. It can take as little as an hour, a day or longer. Training is tailored to your needs.

What makes our Social Media Management different?

Firstly, we will discuss your online goals. We will then agree with you a plan to deliver them and how we will measure success.

We will analyse which platforms would most suit your business and ensure your profiles and pages are optimised.

We will ensure that our tone of voice reflects your business and we will then work with you to agree a content plan. This may include stories about your business, latest industry insights, promotions and other methods to increase engagement with your existing and potential customers.

If you want to improve your Social Media presence, why not contact one of our Managers who would be happy to discuss, give advice and guidance regarding your project, without any obligation!

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