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How email and telemarketing can work together

Imagine the scenario:

You walk into the camera shop and start to look around – you can’t see any sales staff, the information is poor and you can’t find what you’re looking for…so you leave.

But what if a polite, and helpful sales manager comes over and asks, “Can I help you?”

You’re far more likely to stay, glean the information that you require and maybe even go on to purchase a camera.

Email and telemarketing works in the same way:

You receive an email, it’s offering some interesting information or a great product, you engage with it, maybe even visit the website, but then the journey stops. You may need some more time to think about it, or have some questions that you’ll ‘get round to’ asking at some point.

So a polite, helpful person calls you and asks, “Can I help you, or offer you any more information?”

Again you’re far more likely to fully engage, it’s an opportunity to ask the questions, and get the information that you required to then maybe go ahead and make your ‘purchase’.

Every customer has to go through their own journey before they make a purchase, whether it’s a 5 minute pause for thought on an item of clothing they want to buy, or a longer 12 month consideration to carry out some leadership training for the top managers in your business.

The first part of the journey is putting the proposition infront of your potential customer, the second part is ensuring that they don’t need further help, and cementing that proposition in their minds, the third part is gaining that final commitment.

Doing it well

As with any marketing strategy if it’s carried out well it will be effective, and done badly it can have the opposite effect.

The ineffective:

We all receive calls from somebody trying to sell us something we don’t want, we’ve shown no previous interest, and feel a reluctance to speak with the caller.

Cold blanket emails or telephone calls can become a waste of resource and are expensive.

The successful:

Now imagine that you’ve received an email, addressed to you, with an offer on a product you require, or some information in the form of an interesting blog article to read that is pertinent to your business needs.

Then imagine you receive a call asking if you found the information interesting, or did the blog article raise any questions for you?

You’ll feel far more inclined to engage in a conversation with someone who is talking about something that you showed interest in.

Importantly it’s worth noting the word ‘conversation’ – the key is to ensure it’s not one-sided, and the person on the other end of an email or phone call feels that you’re interested in what they have to say, and aren’t just pitching them for a sale.

How the process works:

email tele

Why this joined up approach matters... the telemarketing company:

  • Following up emails means there are warmer leads to start the process
  • It’s easier to get to speak to the right person due to the previous communication
  • The recipients are engaged and more likely to be open to a conversation about the email, blog or other asset – with no hard sell
  • Positive outcomes keep telemarketing staff motivated
  • Potential customers that have been spoken to or even appointments booked, have a higher chance of converting into customers, due to higher interest levels the client:

  • Telemarketing follow ups mean that any interest generated from an email is maximised
  • Having a long-term marketing strategy that works on a continual basis, and doesn’t just provide a ‘quick win’
  • Leads generated are of a much better quality, due to the number of communication points along the journey, allowing for a higher conversion rate to actual business
  • Provides a consistent source of opportunities to replenish the company pipeline

A good telemarketing provider that understands your business and your proposition can become an extension of your business, especially when this is paired alongside email marketing. Joining up email and telemarketing means that you’ll be in a stronger position to convert more business and get the best return on your marketing investment.

If you’d like more information about how email and telemarketing may work for your business, please call PDT on 01249 758425.

This is just one example of a response we received when following up an email campaign:

“We recently followed up on a ‘click through’ from an email campaign and the prospect was delighted. He stated that he had been interested in the email, but hadn’t had the time to call himself. Now that he had received a telephone call, he was convinced that the service works, and was keen to find out more.


Angela Brown,

Performance Development and Training Limited.

01249 758425.