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A Coronavirus Message to Customers - Updated 21/8/20

With the continuation of the Coronavirus crisis, it’s an extremely challenging time for our people, our businesses and our economy. Therefore, we thought we would write this open message of hope to all of our customers and to any prospective customers wishing to identify opportunities and win new business in the midst of the pandemic.


Of course, business must go on and we recognised early on that we needed to realign what we do with what is happening in the world and with the changing needs of our customers. We also recognised early on that what we do for our customers is even more critical to their future success.


Because the health of our people is paramount to us, we have moved all of our telemarketers to a “working from home” footing. Indeed, we are fortunate in the sense that this has made no material difference to their working practices. That said, we are all having to work harder to maintain the team spirit and comradery that’s so essential to wellbeing and great performance.


Our telemarketers continue to work diligently contacting key decision makers on behalf of our customers and with considerable success. One significant change, however, is that more decision makers are asking that for initial meetings to be conducted over the telephone or via video conferencing. This is both understandable and sensible.


While we may not be generating face-to face meetings in the numbers we were pre-pandemic, we are generating just as many new opportunities and, if anything, these opportunities are of a higher quality.


The main aim of our telemarketers is to make contact over the telephone with key decision makers on behalf of our customers; to build awareness and relationships with them; to gain market intelligence, to explore their existing arrangements and identify current and future needs as they relate to the products and services of our customers; to unearth real buying motives; and to book meetings (face-to-face or video/teleconference) at the best possible time for them.


Some key decision makers have started to migrate back to the office environment and many continue to “work from home”. Either way, we are finding that decision makers are more willing to speak to us on the telephone and seem to have more time to take stock of their business and their current and future supplier needs and how these might be better fulfilled moving forward.


Undoubtedly, for decision makers “business goes on” and “must go on”.


We are also finding receptionist are more willing to pass-on mobile numbers for decision makers for the very reason that these people are now working from home.


So, we continue to help our customers through this difficult period and to provide them with the pipeline of new business opportunities they need to guarantee their immediate and future success.


It's an immensely challenging time for us all - but please rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to continue to give our customers the best possible return.


Phil Gower


Performance Development and Training Limited