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Time for Aspirational Marketing and Selling

The unexpected events of 2020 have undoubtedly turned our lives and business plans upside down. However, this year has also given us the time and space to reflect, reset and for many individuals and businesses to search for another, different and better path.

On a personal level, the restrictions imposed upon our daily lives have changed our priorities and values. We’ve become more appreciative of things we previously took for granted; enjoying a better work life balance, investing in quality relationships, caring for our neighbours and community and spending more time in the wonderful outdoors. For many people this reflection time has inspired huge life changes - house moves, a healthier life style, relationship and career changes.  Today’s consumer now doesn’t dream of owning something, but of becoming someone and being a contributor to a better world.

So what does all this mean for our business?

Well, for too long now selling has been pretty much focussed solely on price. Businesses have relied on a model of high volume sales, with driven down prices, to beat the competition, all leading to reduced profit margins and the chronic challenge and pressure for more and more sales.

This year then happens, the opportunity to increase sales volumes is significantly hammered and the challenge and pressure for bringing in those new sales is ramped up even further! 

So, the smartest businesses will consequently have already considered a much needed reset and a plan for how to benefit from this much changed landscape. 

They will already be repositioning and re-training their sales and marketing function to engage with their customers’ changing aspirations and expectations. They’ll be reviewing their own strategy and vision, assessing what is required to drive higher value and achieve higher profit, leaving behind the days of relentless high volume and low margins. The focus is now on QUALITY in everything!

Aspirational marketing and selling is a key component of those plans. It’s about tapping into this new wave of optimism, the revised dream of creating a better business in a better world. Cost will be far less of an issue for decision makers, just as long as pricing is fair and their quality purchase actually moves them closer to realising their dream. Sales volumes might well be lower but they’ll be of a higher value and much, much more profitable.

And the good news is that PDT ‘Aspirational Telemarketing’ can help.

In fact, we’ll start the journey on your behalf.

We’ll engage with decision makers, and while we’ll always pick up those who want to simply find the quickest, cheapest  solution, more crucially we’ll clearly identify those who want to work more towards achieving their real business and personal goals and aspirations.. We’ll build quality relationships with real decision makers, build bridges to your products and services that deliver you higher potential, higher value and more profitable new opportunities.

Of course, attracting new customers through ‘Aspirational Telemarketing’ is only the first step. This needs to be followed up with ‘Aspirational Selling’ to actually win the business. PDT can help here too! We can help the sales team close the business through our ‘Aspirational Selling’ courses.

The Performance Development and Training (PDT) Team

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Here’s to creating that better world for both customers and suppliers alike.

It is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself.’ Charles Darwin.