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Aspirational selling skills training

Like no other time before, it is essential for successful businesses to have effective, motivated and well-trained sales people and sales managers.


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Why PDT aspirational selling skills training?

The current climate has brought its own challenges with more and more companies pulling out all the stops to win the hard-earned business of, what seems like, the same group of customers.

What really sets companies apart and gives them the competitive edge is the way they find, engage and treat their potential customers. So, it's worthwhile asking some searching questions once in a while: are your lead and appointment generators and sales people currently up to the challenge and are they being managed in a way than enables them to excel?

If the answer to this question is “no” or you are not sure—then PDT can help!

How can PDT help?

With our Performance Development Consultancy, we can help pinpoint and eradicate the sales performance gaps and barriers that exist and will guide you to immediate, practical and cost effective steps to improve sales.

If you have already pinpointed the development required for your people, you could try one of our innovative “aspirational selling” programmes

We have an extensive range of scheduled training events, designed for sales people and sales managers:

  • Aspirational Telemarketing Activity
  • Introduction to the Consultative Sales Process
  • Success through Aspirational Selling Skills
  • Leading the Sales Team to Greater Success

These events can also be tailored to your exact requirements and can be delivered at one of your own sites.

Selling Skills Training



How will a PDT course help improve sales performance?

We have a range of aspirational telemarketing and selling courses that will develop key skills, build confidence, improve performance and increase sales.


Aspirational Telemarketing Activity

This programme will help anyone who makes proactive outbound telephone calls to become more effective and productive by improving the key telephone skills, using a tried and tested call structure and model for handling customer resistance. The key focus is on using aspirational questioning to unearth real buying motives and gain commitment to act.


Introduction to the Consultative Sales Process

This programme will help participants make a flying start to their sales careers or provide a boost for existing sales people by maximising sales performance through an introduction to the consultative sales process.


Success Through Aspirational Selling Skills

This programme enables participants to increase productivity and make more sales of a higher value by becoming more confident, credible and adept with the aspirational skills that succeed. The course centres on the use of aspirational questioning skills to unearth buying motives, stimulate commitment and close more sales.


Leading the Sales Team to Greater Success

As businesses grow and take on more sales people, they need to be sure that the sales team is productive and profitable. This programme covers the core sales management and leadership skills needed to develop and lead a “world class” sales team.


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