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Call handler sales training

Are you unleashing the new business and cross-selling potential within inbound customer calls? Our sales training programmes will help your inbound call handlers identify sales opportunities, engage customers in the sales process, and make more sales.


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Why provide sales training for your inbound call handlers?

In our highly-competitive marketplace, you can be sure that if you are not fully meeting the needs of your existing customers, one or more of your competitors will be trying to.

Targeted sales training will give your inbound call handlers the confidence and ability, not only to process customer requests for new business more effectively, but also to proactively explore their existing arrangements and future needs, to identify cross-selling opportunities and close more sales.

This programme will help your new call handlers make a flying start or provide a boost for your existing handlers by maximising their sales performance.

What will your call handlers be able to do once they have completed the programme?

You inbound call handlers will be able to:

  • Use the PINACLE Consultative Sales Process to make more sales
  • Build credibility and rapport with customers over the telephone
  • Identify customer needs through effective questioning and listening
  • Gain customer commitment to act
  • Present the benefits of your solutions
  • Handle customer resistance and close more sales.

Selling Skills Training

What makes our sales training different?

We try not to offer a "one size fits all" solution, but prefer to work with our clients to understand the real needs of their call handlers, and then to design and deliver a bespoke training solution, that we know would be more likely to deliver the desired performance.

Sales Growth

We have taken this approach for over 17 years, designing and delivering sales training programmes for many organisations, large and small. In our experience, you can expect a 20% uplift in sales performance from a bespoke consultative sales training solution.


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