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Customer communications

You understand your customers and their needs, and you have ideal solutions, but how effective are you at getting your message across?

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Do you have joined up customer communications?

No matter how close you are to your customers or how well you understand them, if this insight is not translated into clear, compelling and joined-up customer communications, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle to retain and grow their business with you.

The emphasis here is on  “joined up” communication.

Whether you communicate with your customers, via email, letters, social media or your website, your messages should be consistent and congruent across all these media.

For example, to keep your existing customers informed, you probable send emails to them from time-to-time. These emails are likely to contain links or references to your website. But, if your website is not kept up-to-date with your key messages, it may not deliver on the expectations created  by your emails and your customers may be confused, or, even worse, they may be disappointed.

This can only result in lost opportunity!

How can PDT help?

We can create compelling and joined-up customer communications for you, in all formats, from printed and electronic through to visual media. This includes letters, brochures and flyers, newsletters, emails, website and social media content, blogs, webinars, videos and landing pages.


What makes our customer communications different?

Along with our focus on joined-up customer communications across all media, it's our approach to copy which sets us apart from the competition.

Our expert copywriters apply a consistent ethos to their writing, ensuring the copy is compelling and attractive by talking about benefits and outcomes for the reader. The focus is on what the reader needs and wants to hear, not what the clients thinks is of interest. The more you can tailor your communications to whoever you are communicating with, the better chance you have of gaining their attention and engaging with them.

Customer communications

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