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Customer reviews

It's quite possible that 20 percent of your customers account for 80 percent of your business, but do you really understand what your most important customers think about and need from your organisation?

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Why a customer review?

The Pareto Principle serves to remind us that often the success of a business is dependent on a few "high-value" customers. Yet it is common-place for businesses to lump all customers together in a customer survey, when it comes to gaining an insight into what they think and feel about products, servicers and the commercial relationship. 

But, of course, there is a better more effective way to gain a deeper understanding of your most valuable customers.

A bespoke customer review will help you get much closer to key customers, to really understand their current business goals, drivers and needs and, more importantly, how these are likely to change in the future.

How can PDT help?

PDT can create and deliver bespoke customers reviews.

One approach would be to use the SWOT Analysis framework to explore the ‘strengths’ and ‘weaknesses’ of the products and services provided to the customer and the overall commercial relationship. Then to identify the threats to the continued relationship and opportunities to grow the business between the organisation.

PDT would then present the findings in a detailed report and highlighting the best course of action to make the most of the customer relationship to the benefit of both parties.

What makes a PDT customer review different?

We work with our clients to create bespoke customer reviews because we appreciate that when it comes to understanding “high-value” customers,  “one size” does not fit all.

Furthermore, the reviews are designed not only to gain the insight required, but also to enhance the relationship and to quickly grow the business being conducted. For this reason, the customer review will often be incorporated into a wider event, designed to build relationships and team-working between the two organisations.

Team Building

So, we will design and conduct the customer review on your behalf, ensuring that you get the information you need to make and informed decision on the growth strategy for a specified customer.

We will also deliver the review findings in the format determined by you. For example, we could provide a written report, deliver a presentation or both.

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