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Data Provision and Cleansing

The effectiveness and success of your outbound marketing campaigns will be determined, in part, by the accuracy and reliability of the source data you use. Our in-house teams build and cleanse "high-quality" and "targeted" prospect databases in all business sectors and locations.

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Do you need "high-quality", bespoke business data for your marketing campaigns?

Since 1998, our in-house data cleansing teams have been supplying "high-quality", business data to support our clients with their outbound marketing campaigns. We can supply up-to-date company data relating to all business sectors and locations throughout the UK.

We do not offer off-the-shelf data, that is more than likely out of date.

Before we supply data to our clients, we seek to understand their requirement, the business sectors being targeted, locations, types of organisation and then identify the specific information they'll need, such as number of sites, number of employees, current arrangement, current spend, present supplier, and key decision maker's name and contact details.

Our teams then conduct the research and make the calls necessary to build a targeted database to match the required specification. So we know the data we supply is up-to-date and specific to the needs of our clients.

Do you have the data, but need to have it cleansed?

We offer a bespoke data cleansing service, which is a fast, secure and compliant way of improving the integrity of your business data.

If you already have in-house data, but it is either out of date, inaccurate or incomplete and, as a result, it is dragging down your marketing campaigns, PDT can help, by quickly and efficiently cleansing this data using our dedicated team of data cleansers.

Do you need to manage your data more effectively?

If you have data that is contained in an unwieldy and unmanageable format, we can design and develop a bespoke database to help you manage your data, your contacts and your marketing campaigns more efficiently.


What makes our data different?

Because we offer a bespoke data provision service, with data cleansing at the point of need (time of purchase) to match our client's exact requirements, our data is up-to-date, accurate and unique. You just won't be able to buy this data off-the-shelf.

What's more, you'll know that it is data your competitors will not have access to because it's yours and is not re-sold "off-the-shelf".

We can help with Telemarketing

Furthermore, our teams of data cleansers are both professional and resilient and trained to engage with gatekeepers and decision makers, overcome resistance to unearth the information required.

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