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We can create your online shop or ordering system. From simple online shops to advanced selection and configuration of products.

Our e-commerce systems are tailored to the precise needs of your business and customers.

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Do you know how much consumers spend online?

The average UK shopper spends more online than any other European country.

15.2% of all retail sales in the UK are online and it is anticipated that in 2015, consumers will spend an average of £1,174 online per annum.

Data suggests that it is online shopping that is fuelling the growth in consumer spending.

If you retail goods, there are a number of reasons why an online store will benefit your business:

  • It is likely that your customers will want the option to buy them online. If you don't, you can be sure that your competitors will.
  • Shopping online allows your customers to browse your products at a time that is convenient to them. Your online shop is always open!
  • You can make a wider range of products available without necessarily taking up physical space in your stock room or warehouse.
  • You are not limited by the physical location of your store(s) and you can sell your products to anywhere in the world.
  • It will increase your potential customer base, which will lead to increased sales and profits.


What makes us different?

Before we start building your online store, we will make sure that we fully understand your business positioning and goals. 

The web is a competitive place and it is essential that we help make your store stand out from the rest.

We will make your online store a pleasant place to shop and easy to use. It will have a simple checkout process in order to minimise abandoned carts.

We have built our ecommerce system ourselves which means that it is very flexible. We can build anything from a simple online store to one which has a fully configurable and personalised product selection.

We will work with you to deliver the most appropriate solution. There will be no feature creep - just the essential functionality to make your online store a success.

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