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Email campaigns

Email marketing can maximise the return on your marketing spend by generating a constant stream of new business opportunities.  We can create, send and monitor your email marketing campaigns and we also have a new and exciting videomail offering.

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Why email marketing?

Email marketing is one of the most powerful, cost-effective and personal ways to connect to both new and existing customers, generating a consistent stream of new business opportunities and, ultimately, converting more sales.

We can create, send and monitor the impact of your emails and, furthermore, we can make follow-up calls to decision makers to convert interest to real sales leads and appointments. We also have a new and exciting videomail offering which makes email marketing even more attractive and compelling.

Why PDT email campaigns?

Our professional email marketers manage your campaigns end-to-end, to avoid upsetting your best potential customers and to deliver "high-quality" opportunities, leads or appointments to your sales team. To maximise the return on your investment, we follow some simple, yet robust, steps:

  • Consult - we start the process by consulting with you to understand your marketing objectives and determine whether email marketing is the best fit for your business and your budget.
  • Target - If you do not have an email list, we can help you create one that's compliant, secure and up-to-date and, of course, focused on the right target market.
  • Agree - we'll agree the plan, process and platform for your email campaign, ensuring these comply with the latest email marketing regulations.
  • Create - we help you create and structure your emails to ensure they are attractive and compelling to the target audience and result in high 'open rates'.
  • Send - we'll send out your emails at optimum times
  • Track and Report - we will track every email sent and we'll provide you with real time, end-to-end metrics including 'open rates', 'click through rates', 'forward rates', 'social media shares' and much, much more.
  • Evaluate - we will constantly analyse campaign performance, regularly consult with you to determine the effectiveness of the campaign, identify ways it can be improved and measure the return on your investment.

Have you considered vmail marketing?

Vmail is a new and exciting way to utilise video and email content to make your outbound marketing campaigns even more persuasive and successful.

Our videography specialists will meet with you to understand your requirement and your brand, products and services. From this, we will come up with a number of ideas for video content to get your messages across to your customers. We then produce the video content to a very high standard and this will then be sent out to the targeted email list. As an added benefit, your video content will also be available for you to utilise for a website and for social media.

What makes our email campaigns different?

Along with video production, it's our ability to follow-up your email campaigns that makes us different!

With our expertise, we can allocate one of our professional, well-trained relationship builders to follow-up your email with a telephone call. They will build relationships with email recipients, explore their current arrangements and future needs, stimulate interest in your products and services and, where appropriate, arrange a meeting on your behalf.

We can help with Telemarketing

Furthermore, if we target only those recipients who "open" emails or "click through" to your website, this approach can be made more affordable and effective.

It's this approach that sets us apart from the rest of the pack and enables us to provide our clients with "high-quality", "high-value" leads and appointments and a real return on investment.



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