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Inbound telephone sales

Being able to make sales enquiries and place sales orders over the telephone, is a minimum expectation for many customers today. Yet there are very few businesses that make the most of the new business opportunities presented by inbound customer calls.

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Why outsource inbound sales call handling?

Providing reliable, effective and professional call handling, whenever your current and future customers make sales enquiries over the telephone, will ensure you make the most out of these enquiries in terms of the volume of sales and overall customer satisfaction.

There are many benefits to outsourcing the handling of your inbound sales calls:

  • Free's up internal resouce to focus on your core business operations
  • Allows you to grow your business with flexible resource to handle the additional workload
  • Provides your customers with greater accessibility to your products and services
  • Ensures you will never miss a sales opportunity, thus, maximising your sales.

Utilising experienced, highly trained call handlers, provides your customers at the point of sale with the information and service they need to place an order. Furthermore, the experience encourages them to keep coming back.

How can PDT help?

We offer a complete range of call centre services to maximise inbound telephone sales:

  • Call handling/answering service
  • Helpline
  • Support for promotional campaigns
  • Web chat
  • Account management
  • Out of hours support
  • Order line
  • Booking service.

What makes our call centre services different?

PDT will help your business to deliver real and lasting value to your clients and customers through a tailored and comprehensive inbound call centre service. Unlike most other inbound call centres, we don’t try to cram you into an “off the shelf” solution that makes it easier for us.  Whatever your inbound call handling requirement is,  we will endeavor to tailor the service around your needs as a business and increase your bottom line.

Call Centre Services

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