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Market Research

Great market intelligence is essential to the growth and continued success of a business. How well do you understand your market?

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Why does a successful business need market research?

Market research provides an invaluable insight into your market, your customers, your competitors and your products and service. It's this insight that enables a business to reduce risk and make informed decisions on marketing strategy and on the pricing and promotion of products and services.

Why PDT?

Our professional and well-trained researchers are experienced in helping companies of all sizes to gather market intelligence to inform product development, customer relationship management strategies and to qualify and quantify new markets.

Whether you need quantitative research to come up with the numbers or qualitative research to get behind the facts and figures to understand the feelings, opinions and motives, PDT can help.

Our researchers will design bespoke questionnaires and surveys, create and facilitate focus groups, build ‘high potential’ target databases and speak to target audiences to gain the insight you need.

We can do this by working with you to:

  • write a research brief (if you would like this support) and make sure you comply with current data protection legislation
  • understand the background and your individual research needs
  • understand the  research objectives and business objective behind the research
  • identify the target audiences for the research and their specific demographics
  • recommend the most effective research approach for your objectives
  • conduct the research within agreed timescales and within the agreed budget
  • Analyse and report the findings, so you can make sense of what it is telling you about your market, your customers and your products and services.


What makes our market research different?

We provide a bespoke, dedicated and professional, end-to end market research service. We do this through a team of dedicated researchers, who are well versed in target audience engagement and pay the necessary attention to detail.

Market Research

We will design, conduct and analyse market research for you, ensuring that you get the information you need and avoid the risk of relying on inaccurate research to make your key business decisions.

We will also deliver the research findings in the format determined by you. For example, we could provide a written report, deliver a presentation or both.


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