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Marketing Consultancy

Whether you want a safety net against the economic uncertainty caused by Brexit or you have a strategic plan for growth to achieve, there can be no better time for a concerted focus on finding new customers and generating more business,


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It’s a fact, that the businesses that enjoy long-term success are the ones that recognise the importance of the three phases of Lifecycle Marketing and Selling: Attracting and Winning new customers and Growing existing ones.

The Attract phase is about attracting new customers to your business and generating leads.   The Win phase is about turning leads into real sales and the Grow phase is about exceeding your customers’ expectations and growing your profit from them.

It’s clear that the effectiveness of the whole lifecycle depends heavily on the initial phase and how successfully you attract new customers to your business. In recent times businesses have relied heavily on a strong online presence, with an attractive and compelling website, some regular social media postings and other supporting activities, such as blogging, website optimisation and pay per click to drive traffic to the website and encourage new customers to “reach into” the business.

Then it’s a waiting game! But for many businesses it can be a long wait for customer enquiries, because competitors are playing exactly the same game.

The answer may be to take a more strategic and balanced approach to marketing, by blending online activities with some proactive outbound marketing, designed to “reach out” to customers.  For example, online activities with the addition of a consultative telemarketing programme, supported by an email campaign, can result in a regular stream of high-quality, high-value new business opportunities that regularly convert to real sales. And furthermore, it will develop a pipeline of future opportunities to guarantee longer-term success.

For many, marketing can be a “mysterious and confusing art” and they find it difficult to see a clear line of sight from their marketing spend to the return on their investment.

PDT can help de-mystify marketing and what’s more we are offering a summer promotion for businesses that are new to Lifecycle Marketing and Selling or who are yet to be convinced.


We will conduct a free, without obligation review with you to see where you are today in terms of your marketing. This will include identifying your target market, a review of your current online or inbound marketing activities, such as your website content and optimisation, use of blogs and landing pages, and how you manage social media, along with a review of your outbound marketing activities such as email marketing and telemarketing.

We will then recommend a targeted marketing solution, that’s blended and affordable to your business, and one that generates high-quality and high-value leads in the short-term and a robust pipeline of new opportunities for the longer-term.


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