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Service performance development consultancy

In a global and increasingly competitive marketplace, investing in the performance of your people will help you retain more customers and will set you apart from the competition.

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Why performance development consultancy?

Many of our clients have come to us frustrated that sales and/or service performance are not happening in the way they would like in their business. They have unanswered questions such as: "Why aren't our people doing what we want them to do? We've given them some training, but they still aren't getting it right. What else can we do to get them to perform in the way we would like them to perform?"

The answer lies in a robust Performance Development Cycle to address the specific development needs of the organisation and people in it, however, this is rarely fully utilised. Often, training deals with gaps in knowledge, but less emphasis is given to developing the essential skills and the attidudes necessary for performance excellence. Often, even less emphasis is placed on making sure people have the right environment in which to perform. It's little wonder that training initiatives can sometimes fall short.

How can PDT Help?

PDT identify and help you to implement, immediate, practical and cost-effective steps to provide your people with the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and the environment they need to perform and excel.

The Performance Development Cycle begins with our robust 5-step Performance Analysis Process, where we'll find out what your people are currently doing on the sales and service front and help you to be sure about what you want them to do to meet the challenges faced by your business. We'll then support you to design, develop, deliver and evaluate the performance solutions that will bridge the gaps.

Performance Development Cycle

How can you be sure Performance Development Consultancy will work?

The success of our Performance Development Consultancy is built on the experience we have gained in the last 25 years, working across may business sectors to raise customer service levels and improve the customer experience. Our approach is to enage front-line and customer facing teams, so they "buy-in" to the customer care culture and feel a part of the performance solution.

It works as a result of the scope and detail of the analysis that underpins the recommendations we make. Our 5-step analysis process incorporates a detailed look at knowledge, skills, attitudes and the working environment of the target audience and enables use to provide solutions that incorporate training and changes to target audience support and the environment in which they work.

Performance Analysis Process

We then use our team of professional training consultants to design, develop, deliver and, finally, evaluate the recommended performance solutions.

Our team is also available to support you with each step of your training cycle.

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