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Videos are becoming increasingly popular as we realise the power of this medium to engage customers and promote brands, products and services. But are you tapping into this potential and wowing your customers?

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Promotional Videos

If you have a product or service that you would like to promote then video is the most powerful tool you can use. We will help you get the best from your promotional video by working with you from the script stage all the way through to promoting the video online. Our fantastic customer service will ensure that you are kept informed and consulted throughout.


What makes us different?

Videos to communicate a message, both to customers and internally within organisations, are becoming more popular as companies realise the power and effectiveness of this medium to engage customers and staff on a global or local level. Our experienced and dedicated PDT team will see the video making process through from the ideas stage to final delivery. We’ll create and upload compelling video content to your website or even set you up your very own YouTube channel, upload your content and promote it if you’d like. We're creative, experienced and know how to get the most from your video to help you communicate your message out and to get customers to reach into your business.

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Got an event coming up? Improving your social media presence?

As event and social media video specialists, we can film everything from award ceremonies, networking events, premieres, product launch videos and Christmas parties through to live events, gigs and promotions.


Training Videos and Elearning

We provide training videos in all formats from video seminars to ‘How to’ demonstrations and we can provide video content for your own elearning programmes or develop bespoke elearning packages for you from start to finish.



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