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Attract new customers

Constantly attracting new customers is critical to the success of any business. The way you do this has significantly changed over the past 20 years. There has been an understandable shift away from “outbound” to “inbound” forms of marketing, to take advantage of the way we increasingly live our lives online and communicate electronically through the Web, email and social media.

Encouraging customers to “reach in” to  your business is fundamentally important to your success and, if done in the right way, can provide a significant return on your marketing spend. That’s why we offer a range of inbound marketing services, from website and landing page design, videography and photography, through to social media management.

But, it’s not the whole story!!

With most businesses taking this online approach, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate your business from another and to ensure online marketing collateral lands in front of potential customers at the right time: when they are ready to buy.

For this reason, PDT supports a blended approach to attracting new customers. By adding proactive, “outbound” marketing activities into the mix, such as telemarketing, email marketing and video-mail marketing, which are designed to “reach out” to customers, you not only have greater control over the types of customer you do business with, but you deliver significantly higher returns on your marketing spend.  

If you get this blend right, you can get ahead and stay ahead of the competition.


Outbound Marketing

Aspirational Telemarketing / Lead Generation

If you want to take the leg work out of finding new customers and generate a consistent stream of new business leads or appointments, try one of our market aspirational telemarketing programmes.

Email campaigns

Email marketing can maximise the return on your marketing spend by generating a constant stream of new business opportunities.  We can create, send and monitor your email marketing campaigns and we also have a new and exciting videomail offering.

Direct Mail

While we live in a digital age, with response rates up to 30 times greater than email, direct mail, used as part of a blended approach to marketing, gives a business the ability to rapidly expand market share and deliver a greater return on marketing investment.

Data Provision and Cleansing

The effectiveness and success of your outbound marketing campaigns will be determined, in part, by the accuracy and reliability of the source data you use. Our in-house teams build and cleanse "high-quality" and "targeted" prospect databases in all business sectors and locations.

Market Research

Great market intelligence is essential to the growth and continued success of a business. How well do you understand your market?

Inbound Marketing

Website design, build and maintenance

Our websites are bespoke and designed to your brief. We focus on delivering your business goals.

This is why we design our websites to be simple to navigate, easy to use, and above all, intuitive.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation is changing. In the past, what most people really meant was Google Optimisation.

It is now so much more than that and we can help you.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management ensures that your online presence is active, value adding and right for your brand or business.

Whether you have a product or service, it has been proven that 81% of people research online before making a purchasing decision.


Videos are becoming increasingly popular as we realise the power of this medium to engage customers and promote brands, products and services. But are you tapping into this potential and wowing your customers?

Landing pages

A landing page is a standalone web page that is designed with a specific objective.

It is often used in tandem with targeted advertising campaigns or communications to your customers.

Website and social media analytics

Getting the best from your online marketing means using all of the available analytical tools, interpreting the data and making improvements to fine tune your offer.