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Grow existing customers

It's long been understood that the easiest and most cost-effective route to market and increased sales, lies with your existing customers. Yet the reality is that many businesses have dormant customers who are rarely contacted and existing customers that are never quite fully understood.

PDT has a range of service that will help you better undertstand and get closer to your existing customers, which will drive up levels of satisfaction, improve their experience and help them to share more of their wallet with you.

Customer insight

Customer reviews

It's quite possible that 20 percent of your customers account for 80 percent of your business, but do you really understand what your most important customers think about and need from your organisation?

Customer satisfaction surveys

Ever wondered what your customers really think about your organisation? Engaging and really understanding your customers, and their experience with you, has never been more vital to the success of your business. 


Mystery shopping

Mystery shopping will help you understand what is happening when customers make contact with your organisation. The insight will help you deliver outstanding customer service and retain more customers.

Customer communications

You understand your customers and their needs, and you have ideal solutions, but how effective are you at getting your message across?

Customer service and care

Customer care training

Growing a business is as much about keeping and growing exiting customers, as it is finding new ones. That's why customer-facing teams must provide outstanding service, unparalleled customer care and the best possible customer experience.

Service performance development consultancy

In a global and increasingly competitive marketplace, investing in the performance of your people will help you retain more customers and will set you apart from the competition.

Call centre services

A professional, reliable and robust call centre service is a vital aspect for any company looking to to win, grow and retain customers in the forever changing marketplace.

Training consultancy and courses

Investing in training will set you apart from the competition and help you attract and retain the best people. This in turn will help you to attract, win and retain more customers.

Marketing Consultancy

Whether you want a safety net against the economic uncertainty caused by Brexit or you have a strategic plan for growth to achieve, there can be no better time for a concerted focus on finding new customers and generating more business,