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What We Do

PDT - the Lifecycle Marketing and Selling Experts

It’s a fact, that the businesses that enjoy long-term success are the ones that recognise the importance of the three phases of Lifecycle Marketing and Selling.

The Attract phase, is about attracting new customers to your business, generating “leads”  using  both outbound and inbound marketing activities, from consultative telemarketing through to social media management..

The Win phase is about turning leads into real sales using a clearly define sales process and, ordinarily, a sales team for high-value and/or complex products and services, and order lines and ecommerce for lower-value and/or simple products and services.

And the Grow phase is about exceeding your customers’ expectations and growing your profit from them through a clearly defined framework for customer care. This should be delivered by well-trained and highly-motivated people, so your customers have a positive experience and want to stay with you and buy more from you.

So how can PDT help?

We can help you formulate an effective Lifecycle Marketing and Selling Strategy, so that you attractwin more new customer and grow existing ones.

We can also design and develop the key components of the each part of your Lifecycle Marketing and Selling Strategy from Consultative Telemarketing through to Customer Care Frameworks and we can train your people to support your success.

Alternatively, we can take parts of the strategy off your hands completely and charge our marketing professionals to implement this on your behalf. For example, we have delivered successful Consultative Telemarketing Programmes, delivering high-value and high-quality new business leads and opportunities to our clients, for the best part of two decades.

If you need help with your Lifecycle Marketing and Selling and in particular outsourcing all or part of it or reducing waste in the system, we will only be too pleased to discuss this with you, so give us a call on 01249 758425 or go to our contact page on our website.