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Customer care training

Growing a business is as much about keeping and growing exiting customers, as it is finding new ones. That's why customer-facing teams must provide outstanding service, unparalleled customer care and the best possible customer experience.

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Why PDT customer care training?

These days we are more demanding. We live in a society that is much more aware when it comes to rights and expectations. We certainly expect more as customers and we know that we can always get it elsewhere. We also tend to compare the efforts of one organisation with those of another and when we receive good service, we remember it and crave more.

It's easy to see why most businesses strive to improve customer care, so that they will be the market leader or the business of first choice.

Sadly, all too often customers are greeted with inappropriate responses when they make contact with businesses and this tends to colour their view of the business. Such views take a lot of changing. In some instances, the initial view is never changed.

That's why customer care and service training is so important. It helps businesses to create a great first impression and establish and maintain high service standards, so not mater how or where a customer makes contact, they receive the same high-quality expereince every time.

How can PDT help?

With our Performance Development Consultancy, we can help pinpoint and eradicate the service performance gaps and barriers that exist and will guide you to immediate, practical and cost effective steps to improve customer care and the customer experience.

If you have already pinpointed the service development required for your people you could try one of our innovative “customer care” programmes:

  • Driving Customer Care
  • Handling Customer Complaints

These events can also be tailored to your exact requirements.

How will a PDT course help improve sales performance?

We have a two customer care courses that will develop a deeper understanding of what customer care really means and key skills all employees need to deliver a great customer experience.

Driving Customer Care

This course will help anyone in a customer facing role take responsibility for delivering outstanding customer care (for both internal and external customers) through a deeper understanding of what "customer care" really is and means to their business, by developing identify the key services standards and practicing some key service skills and behaviours.


Handling Customer Complaints

As our customers become more discerning and more willing and ready to express their dissatisfaction, the way we handle their complaints will be central to our on-going, future success. Dealing with a complaining customer can be an intimidating experience, but this workshop will equip your people to more more empathetic and assertive in the way they handle complaining and difficult customers. It will ensure the customer's complaint journey is a positive experience and one that actually enhances their relationship with you and builds even more loyalty.


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